Corporate Governance

MTNL has taken structured initiatives towards Corporate Governance and its practices which evolve around multi-layered checks and balances to ensure transparency.

The company has been making an effort to uphold the principles of Corporate Governance to ensure transparency, integrity and accountability in its functioning. Guidelines of Government of India, Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) on Corporate Governance have been made mandatory from May, 2010 for all PSUs. MTNL has implemented the SEBI and DPE guidelines to the maximum extent possible.

Corporate Governance at MTNL is based on the following principles:-

1. Constitution of Board of Directors of appropriate composition, size, varied expertise and commitment to discharge its responsibilities & duties.

2. Ensuring timely flow of information to the Board and its Committees to enable them to discharge their functions effectively.

3. Adoption of Code of Conduct for Director & Senior Management Personnel.

4. Adoption of Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading.

5. Policy on Risk Assessment and Minimization.

6. Timely and balanced disclosure of all material information concerning the Company to the Shareholders.

7. Compliance with all the applicable Rules & Regulations.

8. Fair and Equitable treatment of all its Stakeholders including Employees, Customers, Shareholders, Investors, etc.

9. Implementation of the Integrity Pact for maintaining transparency in all its major procurements and work contract activities.

For Further details on Corporate Governance, 2013 Kindly click on Annual Report (2012-13) in the following link-

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Corporate Governance Report For Quarter and Half Year ended 30 September2017
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