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Un-audited Reviewed Financial Result along with the Limited Review Report for the Quarter and nine months ended on 31st December, 2014

Unaudited reviewed financial results of MTNL for the qtr ended 30th sept, 2014

Statement of Standalone unaudited reviewed results for the 3 months ended on 30.06.2014

Un-audited Reviewed Financial Results for the Quarter ended 31st December, 2013

Statement of standalone unaudited Reviewed financial results for the Quarter and six months ended on 30.09.2013

Statement of standalone unaudited Reviewed results for the three months ended on 30.06.2013

Annual Report of MTNL(2013-14)

Annual Report of MTNL(2012-13)

Annual Report 2012 of MTNL

Annual Report of MTNL(2010-11)

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Annual Report of MTNL(2008-09)

Twenty Second Annual Report 2007-08

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