MTNL as a service provider fully acknowledge the right of citizen to opt for the service provider of his choice and also assures to provide the best services to the subs.
Consumers are educated about their rights through Sanchar Haats in respect of the choices offered by MTNL. A booklet on Resdressal Mechanism in Hindi & English has also been provided at all Sanchar Haats for awareness of the consumers. The same is available on MTNL Web site.
MTNL assures that privacy of its subscribers (not affecting the national security) shall be scrupulously guarded.
MTNL assures its subs full interaction with MTNL authorities personally or through their authorized representatives.
Consumers are provided all the rules regulations terms and conditions including all options/choice of plans etc., through Sanchar Haat at the time of submitting their application there at including information on consumer redress system for complaints and billing disputes alongwith the relevant constact nos.
MTNL has arranged for full human interface with company executives displaying their names and identity for process of disputes resolutions in addition to the arrangement like offering services through call centers.
MTNL agrees to inform their subscribers on each bill, their consumer grievance redress process w.r.t. fault complaints & billing disputes. MTNL also agrees to resolve the disputes as per the guidelines of TRAI issued time to time.
MTNL provides the basic telephone services within seven days of registration subject to technical feasibility however the mobile services are provided immediately subject to completion of all required formalities by the subscribers.
In MTNL the fault are cleared within 24 hours on receipt of the complaint from the subscriber wherever technically feasible.
Shifting of telephone connections with in same exchange, intra city exchange and intercity exchange are carried out within 3 working days, 5 working days and 30 working days respectively subject to the availability of the customers, premises are opened & papers are completed. Closures of telephones are done within 3 days subject to completion of all formalities
MTNL provides in its bills the related calls and tariff details, payment procedures including the locations where the subs. can make the payments.
In MTNL Jurisdiction the complaints are registered immediately if delivered in person or received by E-mail. In case the complaints are received by post the same are registered with in 24 hours.
In MTNL the services are provided without any discrimination to every citizen as per his eligibility defined below and who undertakes to pay all charges and deposits.
* For the purpose of this clause a citizen shall be defined as an individual above the age of 18 or an institution, NGOs, or business/services organizations engaged in any activity which is permissible under laws of land.

MTNL provides complete information on directory service related to basic telephones. The complaints are booked in MTNL on TOLL free nos. IVRS.
In MTNL subscriber are provided satisfactory connectivity of its services and interconnectivity to the extent of its legal/obligations under the relevant interconnections agreements ensuring that subs do no suffer on account of poor services.
MTNL levis reconnection charges as per the TTO/waives off the same on its on discretion.
MTNL allows emergency services like police, fire and ambulance for a period of 15 days during which in coming facility is allowed subject to technical feasibility even after the telephone connection is suspended.
It is obligatory on part of the subs to clear all dues within the specified time.
MTNL fully agree to achieve the minimum bench mark prescribed by TRAI with respect to the quality of the services and also commits to improve upon the standard of the services at different points of time.
Mutual courtesy and respect, the hall mark of durable relationship between service provider and its subscribers is fully agreed to and MTNL abides by these principals. Common charter for telecom services is being followed in MTNL with full sincerity

Common charter for telecom services is being followed in MTNL with full sincerity